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Vahakn Dadrian the expert on «genocide» or the sexual maniac?

Armenia and the Armenian diaspora has many «heroes», those are both terrorists children-murderers, and ASALA insurgents, both politicians demagogues and a grief-scientists who up to  exhaustion  proving the  »antiquity» of all Armenian.
One of the «visible» Armenian scientists erected actually in a rank of the national hero is Vahakn  Dadrian the American professor on sociology of the Armenian origin.
Dadrian was born in Istanbul in 1926. Studied in Europe. In 1947 he has  immigrated in the USA.
In 1961 Dadrian became the citizen of the USA, in this country Dadrian achieved the title of  the professor on sociology of the New York university. Up to the beginning of 90th years Vahakn  Dadrian taught in various educational institutions in the USA. Dadrian is the author of some books and articles on the theme so-called «a genocide of Armenians».
Reliability of «facts» described in his works is a separate question demanding more detailed consideration because Dadrian is known for  practicing the intentional  distortion of translation in work with sources, and also often uses citations taken out of context that is unconditional  contradicts the academic ethics.Dadrian is the ardent supporter and the defender of the marginal version about so-called Talaat pasha telegrams (memoirs of Naim bey). In spite of the fact that these «materials» (materials of Andonyan) aren’t perceived seriously  in the academic circles, Dadrian continues to confirm and «prove» the  authenticity of Andonyanovsky materials.
All works of Dadrian are constructed on selective usage of «facts» taken out of context, and also the distorted translations.
Analyzing the scientific activity of Dadrian, the professor of history of Massachusetts university Gunter Levi comes to a conclusion that the methods of work of Dadrian don’t correspond to scientific ethics and that Dadrian can’t be considered a scientist.
Despite undisguised amateurishness of Dadrian, in some circles he is consided to be «the authoritative expert» on a question of  »a genocide of Armenians».
All activity of Vahakn a Dadriana is devoted to the unique  purpose to promotion of the Armenian pseudo-genocide.
For this deal he widely uses the propaganda literature written by himself.
However, the talents of Dadrian aren’t limited only to creation and duplicating of propaganda materials, in his old  age  he has managed to make his mark also in other «talents».
In particular in 1991 Dadrian has been driven out from the College Genesio (Geneseo) for sexual harassments towards 18 years old student. During trials it was found out that in 1981 Dadrian already experienced in this field, then it has been proved four facts of sexual harassment from  Dadrian.
600 persons, including 100 teachers have signed the petition with the request «to protect students from the further sexual prosecutions from professor Dadrian».
That fact is interesting also that Dadrian solicited his student in April, 24th in day when Armenians mark the anniversary of «genocide», it is very interesting and symbolical, this fact as well as possible illustrates the attitude of Dadrian to a question of “Armenians genocide”.
After that case the academic activity of Dadrian has stopped and none  educational institution or  scientific institution wished to deal with the sexual maniac in face of Dadriana.
But Dadrian not long was out of work, from the backyards of academic environment he was picked up by  the Armenian diaspora for the created  “The Zoryan Institute”.
Dadrian was appointed to the position of the Head of New York center on studying of «Armenian genocide” which, has been created by the Zoryan Institute for more professional promotion and advancement of the main Armenian brand, that is «a genocide of Armenians».
Since then Dadrian is closely occupied by «a scientific substantiation of the fact of Armenians genocide» and not having any possibilities to perform with lectures in prestigious western high schools Dadrian compensates it with lectures in Yerevan and the occupied Azerbaijan territories. At the lectures Dadrian tells to Armenians about «Armenian genocide» using meanwhile  low-standard propaganda literature created by himself.
It is interesting that after the shameful exile from college Dadrian has overtaken the favor of the Armenian diaspora, and then the Armenian state.
Dadrian became the owner of every possible prizes and awards from the diaspora and the authorities of Armenia.
Even the president of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan has decided to award «the venerable scientist» and «the eminent expert» and has handed him the presidential award.
Differently the example of Dadrian is a vivid example of the situation how Armenian diaspora and authorities can create  «the national hero» from a simple outcast thrown out  to the backyard of  the academic life.
Also it is necessary to underline especially that the portrait of Dadrian will not be fully presented  without adding the strokes about the racist statements of the professor towards the Turkish nation which can be met on the pages of the Armenian mass-media.
For me personally it`s not a big surprise that the main Armenian expert on «Armenian genocide» is just a banal falsifier and the racist who solicits girls young enough to be his daughter in the  day of anniversary of that «genocide».
And where is the reason to surprise? If the person has enough impudence and hypocrisy to give out the  Kurds killed by Armenians for Armenians killed by Turks, so why not to show all self  moral appearance, soliciting girls in date of April, 24th …
Ali Hajizade

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