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ASALA against Swiss ladies (pictures)

It`s not a secret for anyone that a lot of  terrorists from terrorist organization ASALA are heroes in Armenia, persons who blow up airlines offices, unarmed civilians in airports, etc. are considered to be heroes by Armenians. And it is absolutely not interesting to them that the world society named such kind of people “terrorists”, for Armenians they are the national heroes. I think, it is difficult to find another country, except Armenia where special verses and epic creations are devoted to terrorists and murderers, to the persons who pelting the visitors of restaurant by grenades or killing unarmed people, including women and children.
The Armenian terrorists and murderers are well-known all over the world since 1970 – 80th years of XX-th century for the large series of acts of terrorism and the attacks directed against unarmed people.
One of the mentioned acts has occurred on July, 21st, 1981 in the city of Lausanne, Swiss, this time the target of the Armenian terrorists became women, an explosion was set off in a  department of lady’s wear in one of Lausanne store, 26 customers got wounds. The responsibility for that explosion was incurred by ASALA group «the Organization of  June, 9th».
It was the one of many actions which  visually shows that there is no difference  for the Armenian terrorists whom and how to kill, fortunately this act of terrorism has passed without victims. While «the Armenian men» blew up the Swiss women, the Armenian intelligence and diasporas praised and eulogized  »the heroism» of their national  fighters.
Each nation has its own system of values which develops under the influence of various factors during enough long time. For someone the poets and writers  are in honor, for others –  murderers and fleecers.
It`s interesting  whether once the ambassador of Armenia in Switzerland Charles Aznavur intended to ask forgiveness from the people and the authorities of Switzerland for the behavior of the Armenian terrorists  in 80s years of last century. Or he  can only blame and «threaten»  Sarkozy  ostensibly  for throwing  Armenians (as if  it for the first time they were  used and thrown out).

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